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Lavender Beauty Salon is located in the heart of Canberra. The capital of Australia with three different locations in Belconnen + City + Woden. So step into a place where beauty isn’t a poster on the wall. It’s what we share with our clients, what we allow to shine through, what we believe in.

Lavender Beauty is here to make you feel your best, with our experienced team of Stylists, Colourists and Beauty Therapists always on hand. We will cater to your every wish and make you feel as special and beautiful as you deserve. Relax with refreshments in our elegant furnished salon. An environment where inner and outer beauty, wellness and laughter are celebrated in a relaxing fashion forward environment.

Our different range of services ensures that we are the experts at everything that we offer. We take an enormous amount of pride in delivering impeccable manicures and hand-crafted nail art as well as individually applied lashes that promise more volume and more impact on your daily life. Our salon also offers waxing, threading, tinting, and eyelash extension to ensure that look is change totally and you feel good from inside.

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Our Services

Nail Art

Is not just average manicure, it transforms nails


Is basically a semi-permanent hair removal from the root.


Remove embrassing facil hair and improve confidence.


Emphasise your natural assets to create a beutifully polised look.


What We Do